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Module 02-Pistol
M02 Exploded View
Fresh Quest Comic QM01 Pistol.jpg

QUAD m02: Deluge Pistol

The M02 Module turns the actuator frame into a real weapon. A compact handgun for those nasty confined air ducts and hallways you may find on abandoned space stations.
The M02 'Deluge' attachment has the same tactical sight with a motion sensor as standard. The fluid drum magazine fires liquid bullets which in the icy cold of deep space could prove lethal.
The built-in laser sight helps you keep an eye on the target, however fast they move. No Avatar should leave home without it!

Fresh Quest Comic Pistol Grip.jpg

Liquid ammo is heavy so the designers at the Selficom weapons laboratory have located the liquid magazine over the wrist to improve the ergonomics, reduce joint fatigue and increase fight time.
Below: The bulkier elements of the weapon [HUD sighting system and the liquid magazine] swivel to reduce the weapon's profile whilst stored in backpacks.

Fresh Quest Comic Pistol Fold.jpg
First Response
Fresh Quest comic Tracker.jpg
Night Vison Display
Fresh Quest Comic Pistol Grip.jpg

You can see by this diagram that the image prior to light amplification by the night vision device is considerably darker and harder to define. 
But once the device captures the available [invisible] infrared light photons, the photons get converted to high-energy electrons and are then
multiplied into more electrons before being converted back to [visible] photons of light. 
The result is many more photons, which in turn provide visible light for us to see in the dark. That’s it, really. That’s how night vision works; how light is amplified enough for us to see clearly at night through a night vision device.

Night Vision Tech
Night Vision Diagram
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